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Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kutch is one of the fastest-growing districts in Gujarat, and it is positioned in the rural regions where the majority of our mines and processing industries are located.

When it comes to society and the communities in which we do business, we are well-versed in our roles and duties. The majority of our service obligations are in the areas of social awareness, education, healthcare camp organisation, and temple donations.

Organic Farming

Our mission to improve the environment and the lives of people extends to the establishment of training centres where farmers can learn about organic farming with cows and the “Gaushala” system of communal livestock management. This occurs as a result of the new pesticides and insecticides made from cow dung, organic waste, and other all-natural components provided to them. To, our team members and the communities around us must always have access to the cleanest, healthiest meals possible.

Sustainable Village Development

The actual key to India’s success lies in fostering the country’s rural areas. This is in keeping with our goal of preserving the planet for future generations, fostering the growth of people’s talents, bolstering the “Gau Samvardhan” movement, and improving agricultural techniques. Our trust in Kutch is home to many facilities dedicated to the study of complementary and alternative medicine, as well as the creation of unique products made from cow dung and other animal waste.