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Global Min Biz

Leading Supplier & Exporter of Minerals in India & Abroad

Global Min Biz provides a wide variety of sectors with ores and minerals, including the ceramics industry, the cosmetics industry, electronic manufacturing units, the paper industry, the paint industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the rubber industry.

We at Global Min Biz continually strive to maintain the benchmark of quality, customer-centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research, time-honoured values, and transparency in all spheres of business conduct. These factors have contributed to Global Min Biz’s status as a pioneer and renowned mineral brand in India. In our effort to deliver first-rate service, we place a premium on earning trust, forming lasting bonds with our clients, and carrying out every detail of our strategies to perfection. Finally, we work tirelessly to ensure an everlasting connection with our esteemed clientele.

Why Choose Us

Here at Global MinBiz, we strive relentlessly to meet or exceed the industry’s finest standards. Not only do we provide products of the highest quality, but we also do so at competitive rates and following the deadlines our clients set.

Decades of Experience

With over decades of expertise, we are a well-respected company in the mining and mineral-processing industry, thanks to our commitment to providing superior products and services to our clients.

State of The Art Infrastructure

By operating our own mines and processing facilities, we can meet any demand for our mineral products at any time without relying on any other sources.

Our Services

Global MinBiz not only offers its products domestically, but also exports minerals to major corporations in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Every product we offer undergoes stringent quality inspections before being packaged and sent.

Silica Sand

A strong and long-lasting mineral utilised in several industries, the size of the high-purity silica sand we offer is precisely regulated.

Glass Sand

It has exceptional UV resistance, strong mechanical strength, high-temperature resistance, and unique suspension characteristics.

Foundry Sand

We provide the highest-grade brown Foundry Silica Sand. It is fireproof, has excellent thermal stability, and is manufactured with high efficiency.

Washed Silica Sand

Enhance the performance of your products and increase production efficiency and cost savings with washed silica sand.

Frac Sand

We provide very round grains of extremely pure Frac sand/proppant. Our provided Frac sand is a necessary component of the hydraulic fracturing procedure.

Quartz Sand

This product is well-known for its unique characteristics, such as its purity, efficacy, and prolonged shelf life. This makes refractories, ceramics, and enamel acid heat resistant.


Happy with Customers & Clients

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Customised Mineral Solutions For

All Industries

No matter your demand, we will fulfil it in a fast turnaround time in India & Abroad.

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